As a Human Resources professional, a business owner or plan fiduciary, there is no specific statutory duty urging you to provide financial or investment education for your company's 401k plan participants. However, because of the increased litigation regarding the governance of retirement plans, you may find it prudent to take precautionary measures by preparing your employees to make informed investment decisions.

Providing investment information for employees, but not investment advice, is essential. The Department of Labor has issued guidance describing the difference between investment education and advice under Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). Click here to review Interpretive Bulletin 96-1, 29 CFR Section 2509.96-1.


  • We do not want to take over your company’s 401k Plan.
  • Our trainers specialize in educating your employees.
  • As a plan sponsor, you want to be prudent in offering your employees detailed information regarding their investment choices.
  • We help you lower your company's liability.
  • Human Resources Associates can not act as Financial Advisers.
  • Financial and investment education boosts plan participation and employee morale.
  • And... because this is all we do.
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